domingo, 13 de enero de 2013

Ziba Akarcali


The criticts about the old detail: 
1. Conventional
2. Simple
3. Not intregrating with the positive possibilities of the sound element.

Old detail. S: 1/5
The old detail includes an insulation between bedroom wall and the living room in order to create a control of the wind instrument sound.

New Detail. Section. S: 1/5
New Detail. Elevation. S: 1/5

The new detail still concerns about the sound control but this time includes a possibility of creating new combinations by nature and instrument sounds and mixing them. The valves can be opened and closed arbitrarily and they are both located on the interior and exterior walls all around the house with different length and widths which make different tunes and combinations possible to create.

First critics: conventional and simple. I still concern about the possible tension between two owner families , but this time it includes a creative line of sight. Those valves has different sizes and they're located on exterior and interior walls. Exterior valves are glass which let the sunlight and, when they're open, the nature sound in with different tunes. Interior wooden valves are enabling the user control the sound circulation arbitrarily.

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  1. HI Ziba!

    I can´t understand it completely, but I think it´s normal because its early yet.
    It seems your project tries to changes an unpleasant sound to another more tasteful...maybe the structure of a sea shell brings more ideas to you, because this littles objects can create a very special sounds, hear it is like having the ocean in your ear.
    I know it´s not very specific, but I hope it helps... keep going!

  2. Hi Ziba,

    I do not fully understand the details, but the concept is a good one. It may just need a few more words to explain each detail or an addition to illustrate light and sound, just to clarify. I think the idea of control of light and sound using the valves is effective.

    Good work

  3. @ALvaro Thanks for the idea of seashells, I can check it out. Thanks!

    @Dudley I tried to stick with the word limit but maybe I can make some sketches to explain it better I think. Thanks for the comment.

  4. I agree with the other comments ... I think you should explain your idea maybe with a few sketches, which often are more direct than the drawings in CAD...

  5. Hi Ziba! As my mates have said it's hard to understand your detail, I can have an idea because of our main topic in the house, the music, but actually i'm wondering if i'm right or not, so, your valves can produce some sounds because of the wind? or have the people interact with them with their movements? I think it could be a great idea to mix those different sounds between indoor and outdoor. I'm looking fordward your next explanation! Good luck!

    1. Actually, the system works for creating different sounds of nature or the wind instruments through the walls by changing the width and the length of the valves. The sounds change as the open valves change, so the each possibility creates a different sound composition. Thanks for the comment!