sábado, 26 de enero de 2013

Javier Torres

Re-thinking the skylights:

- First draw:

    In this first picture it was tried to relate the music and the skylights. The movement of the trees caused by wind was used to the skylights to generate sounds that integrate nature into the home.

- Second draws:
 In these second drawing, the idea of the music disappears and we return to the purest essence of the house: the integration, coexistence between nature and housing. In this case the goal is to introduce the wind inside the house, and continuing with the idea of ​​using tree movement by wind, designing a lattice formed by wood slats that are connected to the skylights through a system of pistons. Thus when the wind moves the tree this will sway the woods as if they were waves. So the relationship between interior, exterior, home and environment will be strengthened.

   Moreover, this lattice can be used as a screen partially sagging to separate spaces, or completely off the hook as carpet.

First of all, thanks for your comments, some of you gave me the advice of continue working with the idea of music... After consider this idea I'm thinking on working with this solution: 


This project has three constants:

- Object of study. Roof skylights.
- Way.Utilization of the wind which moves the tree.
- Objective. Integrating nature into the home. Introducing the outside inside.

Change, how obtaining the goal.

- First project. Try to introduce music by accordion.
- Second proposal. Introduce inside the movement of the waves and the leaves.
- Finally. Integrating both ideas together inside, the sounds (rain stick)and movements of external nature.

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  1. Hi Javier
    First, the idea that you have begun to develop is very interesting, but do not understand why you stopped making music.

    I can only suggest you to imagine that the waves move across the ceiling, so that the trees would be connected between them and their movements would create a series of interferences in the waves creating different forms, forms that could only happen there.

    bye, I hope you serve
    Jose Díaz

  2. Javier,

    The idea of the natural connection builds a strong relationship between each aspect of the design. I think that the use of music here may increase the understanding of the connection along with the natural sound of the wind blowing and swaying the lattice. As there is time to adjust the drawings it may be worth putting a label or two, just so that the detail can easily be determined by the viewer.

    Good Work


  3. Hi Javi!

    As you have been working with Lege House and with the concept of nature and music, I think you should have introduce again the music in your detail, the system of an accordion is really difficult but yout idea of connecting the natural environment of the house (those particular trees in the middle of the living) is wonderful, so, mixing your first and your second drawing i'm sure you can get really a good work! ;)

    I think this link can be useful for you: http://m1a1cizaurreacordeon.webnode.es/funcionamiento/


  4. Thanks for your comments, they have been very helpful, I hope that in a short time you may see that union between the two details that you suggested, Raquel. Regards and thanks for your time.

  5. It 's interesting how this lattice that creates waves through the movement of the branches of the trees, also has other features. I like your idea and how this object might be an aesthetic and evocative element that creates almost a false ceiling but at the same time a partition of space or a carpet. The wood often makes a space more warm and welcoming. Insert the music would make it even more interesting.

  6. Hola Javier,

    Tanto con tu dibujo como con el dibujo de Raquel me pasa lo mismo, no consigo ver explicada la idea en el dibujo, por lo que te animo a describir el elemento constructivo de otra manera.

    A lo mejor sería interesante hacer una secuencia de dibujos donde se explique el movimiento, ya sea de las ondas que penetran como de la estructura que conforma la envolvente. Dos secuencias separadas o una de ellas o las dos en el mismo dibujo, no lo sé.

    Espero que mi idea te de alguna idea,
    Un saludo!