lunes, 21 de enero de 2013

Elif Araç

First Detail

Explanation of First Detail
The cause of focusing on the terrace part of the whole house is that under the thema of coexistence, the part is most interpenetrate section between nature and architecture. The approach of first detail is based on adapting users as required to evolution. According to criticism which came for me, I propose a new detail of handrail which is intagrated with philosophy of music. Besides, when the process of application, the following thought should have fit the purpose of  cultural adaptation or re-reading story as to evolution.

New Detail

Explanation of New Detail
To be adapted of nature to house and generating the music which are the primary criterions of design. I designed a new detail of handrail from glass to nature creates sounds. In Cap-Ferret which is location of house in France, the main wind is mistral which comes from sea. In other saying is from southeast to northwest. When the air current passes within the special design of piece of handrail, the sounds occur as like as music of Africa. Because, the pieces are designed like basing upon one of traditional enstruments of Africa whose name is 'ivory horn'. These pieces are put in rectangular glass handrail with regular spacing. As a conclusion creating music with special solution complete the idea of coexistence again.

5 comentarios:

  1. You may draw more detailed and easier to understand how  these musical elements are attached to the handrail. Or maybe even think about a possible closure of these pieces when you do not want to hear the music of the wind.

  2. I like the idea of using the wind coming from the sea in order to introduce new sounds in the environment. It would also be a good idea to reflect how these sounds would interact with the ones coming from the sea.

  3. This may be adapted to the walls also which may create a unity over the house and make a combination of the musical sounds inside and the nature sound. Also the sizes or shapes may differ in order to create various sounds. This reminds me the seashells somehow, I'd really put my ear to one of those holes and listen the sound carefully so if they were different and various, it would be a really amazing experience indeed. Good job ;)

  4. I believe that your idea is very interesting and could be more developed for made your draws more understandable to someone who don't know anything about your proyect. Good work!!

  5. I find it very interesting idea, but I think you could give more. As said Ziba, varying sizes and even vary slightly in some form of time, create an authentic musical symphony combining with the sounds of the sea. The idea could also be applied to other areas of the house, in which the sound or music can help create other activities or sensations. On the other hand, I think you should decide if the glass will provide the sound. Good Job!

    Me parece muy interesante la idea, pero creo que se le podría dar mas. Como ha dicho Ziba, el variar los tamaños e incluso, variar ligeramente la forma de vez en algunos, crearía una autentica sinfonía musical combinándose con los sonidos del mar. La idea también podría ser aplicable a otras zonas de la casa, en las que este sonido o música pueda ayudar a realizar otras actividades o crear sensaciones. Por otro lado, pienso que deberías de decidir si el vidrio va a proporcionar ese sonido. Buen Trabajo!