sábado, 26 de enero de 2013

Chris Wilson

The idea behind this design is that the void between levels that was originally used for the lift is to now be used for a new form of access, access to knowledge – through books.

The lift shaft will be filled with a hollow volume constructed of books that are built around a steel frame. There is a combination of reused books, to create the aesthetic that the whole column is made solely from books, and the owners private collection that will be removable for reading. The reused books are drilled to create a hole in the middle, then threaded onto the steel rods, hiding the rods and giving the illusion of a structure made entirely from books.


The new drawings show the space more realistically, rather than just as a concept. It shows fenestrations in the walls to allow access, let light in and views out. The space is designed to be a place to escape the real world and get lost in the world of the book that you are reading. The structure creates a web of new interlinking spaces at different levels that allow the users creative freedom to adapt accordingly and choose their own area depending on their mood. The newly adapted design is intended to create desirable, comfortable spaces that are fun and exciting be in.

3 comentarios:

  1. Hola Chris! Your idea is really original, it's nice to have at home an intimate and personal place, where you can isolate and as in your case read and imagine. Can be very useful to understand how I can move in the block, and then explore the best places where you can sit and read, and especially how to get there. I also I'd like to understand the design as you think structurally the project. good job!

  2. Hi Chris!
    I'm agree with Claudia, I think that everybody, has thought ever, would like to have / be in a place like this, where you can shut yourself off from the world. But maybe you can be more precise in the explanation about how you can move in this upright place, or the diferents levels that you show in the image.

    I hope this help!

  3. Hello. I realy like the concept of your detail. But I think that in your last drawing you should have longer screws because, in my opinion, those ones could not keep the structure that you are proposing.