sábado, 26 de enero de 2013

Hilal Aksu

exploring the area needed to sleep
final section
final plan

In re-thinking and re-writing procces of Villa Bollen Story, Bollen family decided to be more related with nature. Therefore, such as all the action areas, sleeping area should  also be renovated according to the demands. For this pupose, in the first step,I examined the area to sleep, wake up, and other related activities. 
Remembering that Bollen family’s first concern was “being with nature”, started think about how it is possible to be with nature in a country like Netherlands. The weather conditions were really hard and also there were some floods very often. Because of being under the sea level, the area of the house was in danger of flood. To avoid the floods, I proposed a construction elevated up from the ground level. This idea connected with the idea of being in nature and I decided to locate a glass surface on the floor. By this way, when the habitant wakes up, one of the first things that he see will be the soil; source of every thing; the most natural thing in the world.
The other important thing was natural light that the room gets in every day/night. Sun and moon have different positions during the year. To get the maximum heat and light in, I proposed a curved laminated glass window with maximum area. The another notion of curved window is to have the moon light directly on person while laying on the bed. This is the way that I came up with for the purpose of “being with nature” during 24 hours a day. In the day, room has daylight and in the night it has  moon light with also vision of shining stars..

3 comentarios:

  1. Your project is interesting and I can only suggest that you take advantage of the study of sleep position and connect it with other concepts that you are working. for example the height of the bed could be so that you can see the glass surface and flowers to eye level

    Un saludo.

  2. Hi Hilal,

    This is a really cool idea and I like the way you have approached the concept of building a strong connection between the user and the natural surroundings of the house. The only thing that I would maybe consider is that as your action is sleeping, many people would find it difficult to sleep with full exposure to the outside environment and direct sun/moonlight. Maybe think about options to form some sort of shading device for the sleeper so that they could feel more sheltered and therefore secure and relaxed.

  3. Hilal,

    Your idea that introduces that natural view directly into house by creating a floating space is quite interesting.
    What I can suggest is that it could be better to consider the heat that direct sunlight may cause inside the room which could make people uncomfortable. So maybe a solution for vantilation might work.