lunes, 21 de enero de 2013

Claudia Carrisi

The harvest time is very important in the production cycle of the wine, it reflects almost a sense of tradition of this activity so long-lived. You need the experience and the ability to understand what is good for a good wine and what is not. For the harvest, which is the initial stage of the production of wine, you have a few tools, including the box to gently store a bunch of grapes. My initial idea was to use these boxes as chairs when not needed, thus becoming useful. I wanted to highlight another important aspect of the harvest, which is the value of collective moment. In fact, the sense of wine for the House in Baiao was to make the activity as element that ties the family. In particular, this time coming in the autumn, is one of the  more fun, but also tiring of wine. 

So the detail has evolved at a time when I wanted to create some real islands where you can rest during the grape harvest, using the wooden crates as a design element. You can sit on the boxes by placing them one above the other, the same to create the tables where you can taste the grapes or refresh. So the family can enjoy the pleasure of the vineyard, the landscape and clean air. The vineyards are located along the terraces, connected by stairs.

The grape harvest is a very important moment in the process of wine production, main activity of the House in Baiao. My intervention aims to enhance this moment, in particular its ability to bring people together, because the whole family can participate in the collection. This activity is very busy, so I thought to make it more enjoyable to create islands surrounded by vineyards, where you can relax or enjoy the freshly picked grapes along with all the participants. The furniture will be made simply by wood boxes used for the collection, but think in a way that they fit both overlapping that by laying them on the side of the other. the terraces are connected by stone stairs to the wooden platforms where you can create your own space.

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  1. La idea de la utilización de un mismo elemento para distintas acciones es perfecta, además se trata de dos de los momentos más importantes de la Baiao House. Sería interesante investigar sobre la forma de esas cajas, como podrían readaptarse, cambiando su forma para cada uso.
    I think that your idea of using the same element in different actions is perfect; besides, they are two of the most importants moments of Baiao House. It would be interesting to investigate a bit the boxes' shapes; how they could readapt, changing their shape in each use.

  2. I like the idea of ​​giving a double use of the same element. I find very interesting the reuse of objects that they use very definite presupposes something different, also the power to create stacking chairs and tables reminds me of the project "BUILDING ARCHITECTURE TO DINE" of the second part of the year. Good job!!!
    I think your work would help explain what is the advantage of relying on these "islands". Because it has the best views, the shadow ...
    Ask yourself this might help you finish developing it.
    I hope I've been helpful.
    Good luck!

  3. Hi Claudia!

    I think it's an intelligent proposal. You have connected family, nature and work (something that we were looking in my group of projects) But I would go further ... What do you think if you give your point of view on the boxes? Designing the boxes, not simple wooden boxes. Or maybe to think about the points in the field to place your structure boxes?

    Take care!

  4. Claudia Good job. The fact of using the same object at different times, it's something very interesting, because the object is never obsolete. Another use would be stacking boxes and forming a bookshelf, so continue to have the storage function. But in your case you change the function completely. I think it would make a nice garden furniture with these boxes to the house. It would be interesting, it will investigate how to implant a support chairs, and would also be interesting to have other functions that support ...

  5. I think you've done a very good job giving these boxes a new use. I also think that drawing a floor plan showing the different space configurations that the boxes can create could help to reinforce the project.

    Good job!