sábado, 26 de enero de 2013

Michael Palmisciano

The Library of the accessibility -Maison Bordeaux

The project of this library was born from the need to turn a house of the twentieth century in one of the twenty-first, in this case the Maison Bordeaux, based on the theme of accessibility. 
I with my group have chosen to include a library and therefore take the actions of getting the book and reading, making this accessible to all members of the family, children, adults and people on wheelchairs.
My final project shows three rotating libraries that not only make the book accessible but become a place in which to read, and most importantly become input doors from the platform to the three levels of the house. These libraries also overlooking the "emptiness" of the platform allow people who read in them being able to watch the rest of the house and the people who are inside.
I believe that creating a stronger connection between the main element of the house, the platform, and the rest of the house.

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  1. Hi Michael! Here is my critic: I´m not sure that aluminium is the best material for this project. The low strength of this material needs a more complex section (I think his by looking a window section) Maybe will be stronger and easier with steel. It´s more aproximated to your actual section.

    Hope I was helpful! Keep going

  2. This idea for the mobile library is, in my opinion a very creative idea. Aluminium could be used as the structure is in in itself self supporting due to the circular shape, but perhaps as Alvaro said a more elaborate structure for the detail in section is needed. Just to clarify, the wheel rotates and so can be moved all around the Maison a Bordeaux? If so then it should be aluminium or similar to ensure that it is light enough to move. I think the idea of safety rails makes the wheel more versatile, making it accessibile to the elderly who may need the extra security.

    Good work

  3. Hi Michael!
    I agree with the comments about material, steel could be better and lighter but aluminum is also possible too. In my opinion the usage frequency may give you a idea for which material is better to use, try to consider it. Otherwise, I liked the concept, the design is quite suitable for the accessibility problem. Bien hecho!

  4. thank you for yours advice...

    the rotating library has a part fixed to the wall and another moving, so the wheel can not be moved all around the house.
    I thought also to other materials, wood, steel, but at the end I think that the best is aluminum for its lightness and resistance.
    For sure I can do a more precise section...

  5. I think aluminuim is quite good for this project! it allows the library to be light and, let's say, kind of flexible! In your first project i liked so much the idea of having several wheels-shelves that could move in different directions, why don't you try to incorpore again that concept?

  6. Hey Michael!
    I like your idea a lot! I can imagine one walking inside the wheel and moving it around the house, would be possible to include it in to your drawing!