jueves, 24 de enero de 2013

fabrizio vizzi

Maison Bourdeaux is a House Build for a Person in weelchair, where everything turn around an elevator, which allow you to reach point, unreacheable without.
One of this is the huge library.

The initial concept was the accessibility, the thinking that everybody can use everything, so i decide to divide this big unreacheable library in some little design libraries, and divide them by funcion:

-In the kitchen i think to put a moveable cooking-table, the height of this starting from 70 cm to 90 cm. Inside there are 2 library which contain all the cooking books.
-In the bedroom the headboard of the bed was thought like a library. There are also two little “reading desk” that can be moved up and down, or can be a desk for putting your laptop.
-in the studio i put a desk that is thought to has all you need for your study: there are three drawers which can contain books or what you need, a big plane and a little higher plane which can be moved back and forward on the table, there is also a magazine holder on the right side.
- The hammock is the "jolly piece" to put where you want; a place to read in relax, it has everything you need, a light and an integrated library.

Maison bourdeaux is perfect like this, so the idea is to build something that doesn't change it, but to insert some design idea to integrate with it. 
So with little changes the house can change the function, but not the form. 

2 comentarios:

  1. Hola Fabri,

    The idea of improving the user's accessibility to the books by having a range of furniture with integrated space for books is good, very practical and desirable. However, my one criticism is that maybe than rather just having generic furniture that has storage for the books, maybe try to create furniture that can serve a range of reading positions, allowing the user to choose how they read the book, rather than being dictated by the furniture itself. It could be nice to have different options for how to sit/lie/lean/stand depending on the mood of the user. I hope that this is helpful!

  2. I like your idea fabri... integrating reading in everyspace of the house using a mixing of different kinds of furniture... maybe you can give another turn to the screw doing a more flexible result... a place where you can do other things apart from lie. Regards