sábado, 26 de enero de 2013

Silvia Capone


The vat for pressing the grapes was originally with a circular shape and slightly placed underground so as to limit the possibility of tipping during the action. Around it stood a sitting stone able to keep more stops the vat during the action and provide a place where you can sit and enjoy the view of the landscape. This sitting was flanked by spices and flowers that harked back to the taste and smell of the wine in order to create a space more attractive and pleasant.
The starting point of the evolution of this sitting-vat was its inclusion  in context, the area in front of the house. Within the context,  this element had difficulty about orientation respect to the landscape and to be enjoyed both in relation to its use as a seat and as a place for socializing and sharing. The circular shape allowed to put vats with a distance between their remarkable, it was necessary to take into account also the minimum distance required to possible steps and movements.

So I thought of creating a place where pressing the grapes become an action joint to sharing and to enjoy the landscape. I redesigned the area in front of the house to create a terrace with seats in tiers but that don’t  affect and distort the external space and don’t creating an obstruction between the house and the landscape.
These steps underground, to a depth that will allow man sitting still enjoy the surrounding view, create a space for socializing and sharing where it’s also put a table and eat a meal outdoors.
The prospectus of the landscape and of the house is unchanged, appear only sitting that act as restraints of the vats and from which to enjoy the view. The external paving stone refers to the material with which it is made the ruin while the vats have a rectangular shape in order to better relate with the seating and the design of the surrounding space. The terrace is surrounded by a garden of flowers and spices.

The action of press the grapes takes place in a common site where it’s possible share the experience with other people simultaneously. The concrete elements, that embrace the traditional circular wooden vats and prevent them from moving, are a seat or better a first large step of the terrace from which enjoy the landscape. There is a space for sharing and relaxing in which feel surrounded by nature and its perfumes and colors, but at the same time feel in it. In fact the underground terrace is composed of steps characterized in some areas by flowerbeds f. the arrangement of flowers and spices creates a unified design on the terrace and on the surrounding area.

4 comentarios:

  1. Silvia, the only thing I can tell you is, if you can try to interact the fact of pressing the grapes with the normal activities around the house, I mean, maybe with visual connection, like put the barrel with kind of glass or something like this... Congratullations for your graphics by the way!

  2. Hi Silvia! i like your project, but one thing that you could change is to create a common site to press the grapes. This because I think that one of the most beautiful things of pressing the grapes is to do it with other people, with all the family maybe, and for that in the same point rather than in separate parts.
    I hope it's good advice for you. Good work !

  3. Hi Silvia,

    Regarding the comment that you can make to your constructive detail, I have an alternative that may make you think. Would it be better to embed this space to be in the nature? It has created a space where you can look around, but it also would be interesting to have a space that you can look and see in it?

    I hope it will be helpful!

  4. Hi Silvia,
    I think it's a great idea to create a terrace for the socializate and the relation of the members of the family,and also to associate it with grape harvest. I only can say one thing that I would change: the shape of the vats. In my opinion, the vats have been being with a circular shape for a lot of years ago, and i think it is because it's the best shape for this action/object. So in my view, you should deal with this shape, and include it in your project.