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The study of the action of the Wine Tasting takes note that this tasting is oriented not only to taste, but an enjoyment related to the five senses. To enjoy the perfection of the wines from this area wines we need a number of specific environmental conditions that accompany and complement whatever wine transmit to us. Each of the seasons and the changing landscape in them is like wine in various stages of fermentation, wine and the landscape changed and supplemented during the year. But not only the landscape (the visual), but also the weather conditions (temperature) affect this special time to taste the wine.

In the environment in which the house is, depending on the day and time these conditions may occur or not on the outside, I therefore need to create two types of places for tasting. Two places that can serve as a "shelter" for the taster, two different places.

One of them would be the "natural space": fully adapted to the field space in which the user is completely free to choose how you want to enjoy this moment. The other area is the "artificial space":  built that place where everything is controlled, where the atmosphere is right regardless of what happens on the outside.

The section of "artificial space" required a greater complexity and design of facilities that will allow full control of the environment.
And the section of "natural space" required a greater integration and mimesis with its surroundings.
In both cases, I think it is relevant as build support detailed character sitting in one case and in another (differences that have to do with lying on a couch or lying on the beach ..).


En este detalle el "espacio artificial" ha sufrido modificaciones constructivas para que la climatización del espacio sea la más adecuada y con el mayor ahorro energético posible. Además los ocurecedores de los ventanales que ofrecerán la vista del paisaje al usuario han sido cambiados por unas cortinas transparentes de colores para adecuar el color del paisaje al tipo de vino.  
El "espacio natural" ha sido modificado de tal forma que en los bancos haya el mismo tipo de sombra que hay bajo las parras. para esto se ha añadido un techado que servirá de soporte a la parra.

7 comentarios:

  1. It is good the reflection on what it is having a glass of wine, and as you say, you can not only think of an interior or an exterior space. At this point I'm not sure what you're doing, so if it helps, I think an interior space in which you can regulate the temperature but it is completely in touch with the outside... perhaps some kind of enclosure? I hope it could help you!

    Keep it up!

    1. Are two spaces: one is not controlled and in the other everything is controlled.
      In which all controls, the "artificial space" is in contact with the outer visually through the glass,
      but they have a number of installations which maintains the internal environment appropriate measures to taste wine. It's more or less what you have proposed.
      Thank you very much for your comment!!!!

  2. I really like the idea of the glass floor that allows to feel a little into the ruins while sipping a glass of wine. About the detail for outer space maybe you should indicate the exact location in order to understand the relationship with the house.

    1. Thanks for your comment Silvia!
      Your idea of indicate the place of "natural space" would help me to make you understand my project better!

  3. I think that you can do also a plant of your project to understand better the dimension and the location of the space...The idea for sure is interesting!!

    Good work

  4. En mi opinión es una idea genial, el reflejar la misma acción en dos entornos tan distintos, por lo que tu dibujo debería centrarse en esos momentos, cómo son en cada lugar, en qué se diferencian y qué sensaciones provoca la degustación del vino en cada sitio, qué elementos además del vino tienen en común el exterior y el interior.

    In my opinion this is great idea; I mean, to reflect the same idea in two very different surroundings. This is why I think that it should be focused in these movements, how they are in every place and which are their differences. Besides, it is also important to think about the sensations caused by the wine tasting and the common elements between the exterior and interior.

  5. Hello, I'd like to tell you that your work seems really interesting, I think the approach that you have given to the work, the relationship of the action of drinking wine with the environment, the temperature, the landscape surrounding the action is wise. I can only encourage you to keep working and exploring the wide world of wine tasting, perhaps it may be interesting to distinguish the action for reds, pinks, whites, sweets, mulled wine ... and attempt to relate these different types of wine with the environment and the needs of light, temperature and environment in which more can disdrutar tasting. A greeting and encouragement, a great job.